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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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secretary tom >> (clapping) >> good afternoon san francisco it is great to be here thank you for your kind words it's an honor to be here in the presence of so many important people all of you are important i really enjoyed meeting the rosaries we'll talk them more but nancy pelosi thank you. i know a few people in america is that have not done more for americans than you so thank you for your work (clapping) and again to all our elected officials and have mayor thank you for the warm welcome we have a wonderful partner i used to serve on their board and mirror was fantastic and the progress is all about progress and moving
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america forward the the president's opportunity agenda is making sure we grow the economy and add more jobs good jobs and making sure that people have the skills to compete and making sure that everybody has access to educational opportunity from pre k and making sure we reward work with a decent wage that allows you to put a roof over your head and allows to you have health care and other securities that's the agenda of this president and i'm hoping happy to be working with him we want to make sure that everybody who works hard we reward hard work and the responsibility and we work with members of congress
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(clapping) we have to acknowledge the working family summit is about we have to acknowledge we're not in leave it to beaver anymore there are more women in the workplace and the family has evolved and the family responsibility have viewed and public policy needs to evolve with those changing democrat garlics and changing trends you tell throughout america i talk to people all the time and they give me the following concerns i need to make enough money to put food on the tackle but want to be home to eat dinner at that table with my families (clapping) i hear from so many people to go home and take care of my father or mother or pickup my sick child and yet i have to choose
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been the job i love and the family i love that's an unfair choosing choose most of other criticize countries on the planet don't allow us to make the most important family values or one of the month important is time spent with your family and be able to help our children with their homework and be home at night yelling yet all too many people are working two or three jobs that's not america so that's why we're having those working families summits across the country i want to applaud my colleague that he department of the labor that's helping to lead and done great work across the country no shedding light on the
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issues and one of the basically building blocks is earning a decent wage no one who works a full-time job should have to live in poverty and yet (clapping) we see throughout this country millions of americans working hard and fueling u falling you are further behind and one reason is our minimum wage nationally he use it nationally mayor it hadn't kept up it's lost 20 percent of its purposing power since the 1980s image if you went into a job today and told you have to take a 20 percent pay cut from 20 years ago your gas bill or utility
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bill has not begun b down by 20 percent that's why it's important to continue this advocacy around raising the minimum wage it's time for 1010 across america (clapping) and i want to thank so many of my friends i've met in the business community because a they've given strong voice to this is that i have recognized powerfully when you take care of our rngz and pay them a decent wage you gain locality and if you put money in people's punctuates like henry ford they spent it in our community he and businesses have to hire more people and america skeekdz that's why we continue to work hard and raise the minimum wage.
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i want to applaud those liberal leaders like mitt romney me and rick santorum you'll have whom in the past two weeks said we should raise the minimum wage in america there's the recognition you look at the powell this is not simple departmentalize it's across the board because there's a recognition that we need to put money in people's pockets that's the matter of fundamental fairness we can reduce the ranks of food stamps recipients by $2.8 million by raising the minimum wage 3 about the $8 million we'll continue to work hard because this san antonio isn't an issue for a few but for the entire country and
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so many disare portionly women and women with children if you're a worker you're especially challenged people don't believe me the minimum wage is average 2, 13 an here who people women get tips and their pay check is zero after the seductions they're relying on the tips for the entirety of their income a that's not it 0 fair we have a $2.13 minimum tip wage we have to make sure we have the building blocks and not stop with minimum wage they include talking about the workplace flexibility because
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people are balancing work and family and the sandwich generation people taking care of the mom and dad and son and daughter and having to work we're in rare company it's not good rare when you are together with the likes of poppa many ginny the only nations on ether that don't have paid leave. i applaud so many businesses owners understand when irks are distracted by the parent or children's images they're not productive workers and when you give them the flexibility to serve them their productive when at work that's where why is. other countries have recognized the importance of paid leave the
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importance of providing childcare the net cost of childcare is equal to 38 percent of the average wage that's more than twice of people in oecd nations pay 245i9sd not like they've self-destructed sweden pays more in childcare. brazil unemployment is capacity to ours but they get one hundred and 20 days of leave for paid sick leave those are under indirectly listed nations we hear time and time again, it will be the end of the world if he allow the radical concept a
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mom can take their child to the doctor and not get docked for the hours she's gone i believe that's a fundamental family value that promotes public policy (clapping) i believe that our families deserve better and it's a false choice to suggest we either grow our economy or grow our families we can do both in a worker families agenda continues to make sure we treat women in the workplace with integrity and adequate get their highest talent we have rosaries in the you'd thank you one of the best presents i got was from phyllis gould i'll not tell you phillis
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age she's slightly ordinary then me she joined her husband in world war ii in welding and they all got paid the same wage as men we figured out out in world war ii that men and women augmenting ought to get paid the same what a expect equal opportunity we're not why we need to be today that's why the working submit will continue to focus on what nancy pelosi when women skeekdz america skeekdz not only in san francisco (clapping) and let me and by talking about one other pill last year of
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self-sufficiencies i would be remiss there's one person in the room that played a big effort that's the issue of health care security how is it that in a nation as wealthy as ours it was once the case that you couldn't get access to basic health insurance i spoke to one person in the midwest his employer told him at a fast food restaurant i'm going to fire you if you can't get to work yesterday. he explained you know the restaurant industry if you're sick i prefer you to stay home putting that aside he teld told his employer how can i afford to get a doctor's note if i can't afford to get to a doctor that's
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why nancy pelosi and the president put their remunerations on the line for the most important piece of public policy the affordable health care we're on the are the side of history (clapping) millions of americans now have hope many for the first time every because you'll see more and more people signed up 8 million on the challenges and others 8 million on their families health care we're moving america healthy and when america it healthier it's better and that's why insinuates like this are important to talk about the issues we're making progress but we can and must do better there's nobody that's a played a more important role than the
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next person your congress minority leader and one of any heros daft of baltimore nancy pelosi. (clapping.) >> good afternoon all of you and mr. secretary thank you for your your generous remarks i decided to leave my speaker on the chair because you've covered the territory our recognition of what it takes to have america succeed it's my honor to join our great mayor in welcoming you to san francisco we're honored to have one of those meetings in
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preparation for the wants summit i see the mayor recognizes that when it comes to job creation and fairness in the workplace and when it comes to acknowledging the needs of our families and what it means to have a city of families not because our policies don't respect our families thank you, mayor it's a that's a great honor to be here and join supervisor david chiu and careers chiu in welcoming us to san francisco you may not know mayor tan done she's the president of cap and the center for american progress she's a master of public policies to meet the needs of american
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people not only in a way that puts us outgoing the readers of history so welcome to you to san francisco as well. i'm pleased to be here with congresswoman jackie spear we share the honor of rep san francisco and my colleagues from down south and newest clearing jarrett a new member of congress let me say that about him he comes to fill the footprints of lynn rosy a welfare mom that served in congress and she is proud to have him here making his own marks and thank you jackie spears. (clapping.) the secretary has laid it out the the president has established the summit it
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captures the challenges i was so proud in his state of the union address across the country by the measure of things when women skeekdz america skeekdz it's not just the title of our economic agenda for women and families it is a statement of fact. women success is very important. let me talk about that briefly beginning of this congress a year and a half ago jackie and i came together and we said we want to go around the country and hear from women to see what they need to unbe leash their power in the workplace and jack i didn't say been a champion and
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violence against women and sexual assault in the military and you'll have that this slice was women in the workplace how they ged get paid etc. we went for about 6 months and we learned there were those 3 things when women succeed america succeed equal pay for equal work as the mayor and the secretary suggested and raising the minimum wage over 60 percent of people making minimum wage in the country s are women it's about praying pay the legislation was the ledbetter act but we have to do more and two pay sick leave. we pass when some of us are in the congress when i was there we
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when president clinton became wanting we handed him the first bill leaf and over one hundred americans have take advantage but it's not all pay so we want to be pay the greatest country that every excited when others countries that we don't recognize the obligation it people have to their families if they're sick or their children paid leave and a 3rd of that is childcare quality be affordable childcare it's important for the family it's essential for the children and this is about not only women as employees but women as employers thank you, john for your work on small
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business women owned monitoring owned businesses so the combrirsz as well as the employees in the workplace. so when we went around and talked about paid leave we had people tell their stories that's what you have to do thank you colleague for what you do she was talking about telling our stories a woman was telling her story how she was a single mom and had a paid regular job but said i'm not going to tell you about me, i'm the bused driver a school bus driver i pull up to the curve i see a mom tears in mile-an-hour icy know exactly what's going to happen she's going to put a sick child on the
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bus because she is absolutely no choice if she takes a day off work she i'd like to take this opportunity afford it if she takes two many days off she lose her job she was no childcare so on the bus spreading the germs and mr. taylor not a good place for this child but the mom has no choice we can give that mom choice by passing this (clapping) and one more about a mom another mom 5 kids english second language the whole thing and comes to tell her story about how important head start is and it's being cut in washington,
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d.c. now. almost like a quarter of a million kids she tells the story about how she has a job and confident and so happy and looking for promotes to earn more, etc. but she was scared to tell the story at the whole college in manhattan she said i'm nervous so 5 kids sat down and listens to the speaker and at the end the youngest one said 4 years old a heads start constitute raised her hand and she said who gave you provision to use my name in your speaker think of the the confident the
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self-esteem that girl had but again we've talked about pay and we you're right mr. taylor last year republicans that support raising minimum wage they don't happen to be the in congress of the united states but we want them to be that's why jackize insistent those meetings can't took place everyone in the country we're hitting the road and have a bus trip right jackie next sunday when america skeekdz women succeed we're on a roll (clapping) >> i've told you the first six months we mroltd and planned and in july of last summer marks the hundreds and 66 anniversary of
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the sentiment that all men and women are created equal and our titled as such to equal treatment. that's was one hundred and have 65 years ago it took decades for women to get the right to vote not given fought for struggled for stiefrd for were starving for (clapping) the next step is our rosaries filling >> and i discussed this she went to see the vice president and president and came to the capitol and so no way others were there they came but the rosaries just think the right to vote in the early/20 and in the 40s women leaving home this is revolutionary helping with the war effort and getting out of
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the house and working and getting paid equally as well that was a big deal and it may change and we have the higher equation education but the missing link was childcare and that's what we must focus on quality childcare as it is (clapping) so from last july on to the next year we've been going on going around the country getting the stories and this sunday jackie and i will be in the falls starting our bus trip to making sure make sure that women know we're fighting for them that's possible to have higher wages and have childcare it grows our economy. that's why we say what we say
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i'll say it again we'll go from it there to new york and we're going to meet up with the first leap e lady michelle obama and she's going to be talking about hunger hitting it's altitude connected as the secretary said we can't afford to feed our children how many moms have told us they don't have a great amount of that time their holding down two jobs family values we think mean iga people that opportunity. we're proud our great secretary isn't he ground water great? isn't he great (clapping) we so proud of him that he and the american progress we'll hear
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from our co-chairs but when we get there to washington, d.c. on july 23rd we will have heard from you and we'll go to the table and be current again, we want to not only be on the right side of history but the future you raise the minimum wage you lift everyone up that's why we proudly say when women skeeblgdz america skeekdz thank you for being here and what you do i want to thank jackie spear and other for their leadership for all we are talking about here today and again proud to represent this great city lead by this great mayor, mayor ed lee thank you all very much
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(clapping) >> are you as energized as i am i, push that button to california. it's my pleasure to introduce mr. tan dumb and the courage for the action fund she's served in the clinton and president obama administration. he expertise in domestic policy and health care make her a very sought after guest on programs like nbc meet the press and abc this week and cbs face the nation she's a frequent xharpt on fox she's named one of the most influential woman in journal and she's on the washington power list and
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received the india power award in 2011 she's been recognized as one of the fortunes magazines powerful woman in politics she graduated from ucla and received her lay degree and personally it's a a been a wonderful experience getting to know her as we have worked with the with white house and cap that leads us to the summit in june please give a welcome to her (clapping.) thank you so much el may i can say to your boss secretary labor prez the women bureau has done an amazing job we're happy as we
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head towards june 23rd i'm happy to be on stage with people that are fighting everyday. i have to take one word on health care from nancy pelosi i worked on the president's health care team it's true she fiethsd everyday foric families but i thought her leadership on the health care bill i say our backs were truly against the wall in that moment of doubt nancy pelosi radical everyone you can't resident those hurdle get in the way yourself going - >> (clapping). >> we were going to complaining climb walls get to the battle it felt last week that everyday and noun 8 million people over one mi